Holy Cross School

Facilities at Our School

Our school building is well designed with large rooms and laboratories for each discipline, library and computer center, Office, staff rooms, assembly area and toilets.  The school also has play grounds and indoor games facilities.  The campus is well connected and assessable by public transport.

Class Room and Technology

The classroom at Holy Cross School is an exciting place that is reflected in all the activities.  Our classrooms are designed to be specious, ventilated, well lit and allow plenty of natural light to keep the atmosphere fresh which is a must for enhancing the learning experience.  Each class room is equipped with the latest technology to enhance the learning experience.  To ensure a pleasant, interactive and exciting study environment  all our classes have  a projector and are connected to the “Smart Class” learning technology developed by our knowledge partner Educomp and Teach Next.

Science Lab

Our science lab is highly sophisticated to meet the curriculum requirements.  With our state-of-art labs for all the 3 disciplines of Science (Physics Chemistry and Biology) students can learn the theory and apply the learning through practice. 

Play Area

It is our constant endeavour to encourage students to take part in outdoor and indoor games.  Keeping this in mind, we have excellent play facilities for the students.  HOLY CROSS SCHOOL motivates students to indulge in sports activities such as Basket Ball, Through Ball, Cricket, Volley Ball and Table Tennis.  with trained physical instructors providing regular coaching in different sports, inter class competitions are conducted on a regular basis to spot out talented students and trained rigorously to compete at state level and national level sports competitions.  Students also enjoy indoor games such as carom and Chess.


The library is the main resource center for the students and also teachers at Holy Cross School.  The total seating capacity in the library is 80.  With a vst collection of volumes comprising of textbooks, CDs, Journals, magazines, periodicals, our library has the right combination to support the academic as well as the general knowledge of our students.  We subscribe to most of the national & local newspapers.  To bring in a different perspective to students and lean the concepts in greater details, we regularly source the text books from different authors.  A separate section of books are easily accessible to the teachers that help them to develop the study materials.  As a quick reference for day to day teaching and class room assignments, encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas maps and thesaurus are available.