Holy Cross School

Science Exhibition 2019-2020 (7th September -2019)

Schedule of the Science Exhibition

Class Teacher in-charge Subject Science Exhibition Main Theme Science Exhibition Sub- Theme
I A Geetha SCI Plants/ Plant Kingdom Plants around us and their importance
I B Tamil SCI   Seeds and new plants Home Bonsai plant seeds
I C Tamil SCI   Leaves and their role
I D Geetha SCI   Flowers aura
I E Geetha SCI   We Need plants so keep them feed
I F Rinna SCI   Plants and its roots
II A Deepika SCI Animals/Animal Kingdom Animal around us pet vs street
II B Deepika SCI   Different type of animal foods
II C Anitha R SCI   Where do animals live their home
II D Rinna SCI   Animal babies and their growing stages
III A Mary D'Souza SCI Human body: health and hygiene Growing up height and weight
III B Lidya Princy SCI   Health for kids
III C Lidya Princy SCI   Hygiene importance in daily life
III D Mary D'Souza SCI   Choose your theme from text book
IV A Mohanapriya SCI Safety Road Safety Tips
IV B Amrutha SCI      Be safe while travelling with family and friends
IV C Amrutha SCI   Safety at home under the guidance of parents
IV D Mohanapriya SCI   Choose your theme from text book
V A Vrinda A SCI Types of Pollution Air Pollution
V B Amrutha SCI   Water Pollution
V C Anitha c SCI   Noise Pollution
V D Swanika SCI   Land Pollution
VI A Vrinda A SCI Internal organs of Human body The lungs. ..Functions…
VI B Veena Grace SCI   The liver. ...
VI C Arya Murali SCI   The bladder. ...
VI D Anitha c SCI   The kidneys. ...
VII A Darsana SCI   The heart. ...
VII B Darsana SCI   The stomach. ...
VII C Shobha SCI   The intestines.
VIII A Darsana PHY Human Brain - parts and function  
  Shobha BIO    
  Darsana CHE    
VIII B Shobha BIO Spine Structure and Function Other Exhibitions & Responsibilities
  Darsana PHY   Traditional Indian Clothing Exhibitions- Mrs. Sujatha
  Darsana CHE   Types of Beans - Mr. Naveen Kumar
        Indian & Foreign currencies - Mr. Krishna Murthy
VIII C Shobha BIO Choose your theme from text book Coin Collection - Mr. Krishna Murthy
  Shobha CHE   Types of rice - In Charge Mr. Chandrapp
  Anitha c PHY   Stamp Collection - Mr. Nagaraj
        Karnataka Literature- Mr. Naveen Kumar
IX A Shobha BIO ways to save (conserve) water English Literature - Mrs. Darsana…
  Shobha CHE   Arts & Crafts
  Anitha c PHY   Any other
        Sound System
IX B Darsana CHE Choose your theme from text book Parking In-charge
  Shobha BIO   First Aid
  Anitha c PHY   Announcements
        Invitation cards ….
X A Benita PHY Season and climate changes Kids Cooking Competition
  Asha CHE   Kids Rangoli Competition
  Shylaja BIO    
X B Benita PHY Choose your theme from text book  
  Asha CHE    
  Shylaja BIO    
VIII (SB) Swanika SCI Choose your theme from text book  
IX (SB) Asha CHE Choose your theme from text book  
  Benita PHY    
  Shylaja BIO    
X (SB) Shylaja BIO Choose your theme from text book  
  Asha CHE    
  Benita PHY    
XI A Benita PHY Science and Technology  
  Asha CHE    
  Shylaja BIO    
XI B Swanika CSC Computer and Its components  
XIIA Shylaja BIO Science and Technology Science Exhibition coordinators
  Asha CHE    
  Benita PHY    
XII B Swanika CSC Computer & Its Language